We aim to achieve the targets set out under our Sustainability Vision 2030. We are committed to achieving best practices of sustainability in every stages of our project development lifecycle, by developing NWC's Sustainable Building Design Guideline and Green Property Management Guideline to cover comprehensive requirements from planning, construction, financing to operation and maintenance.

  • To minimise effects on the environment during the project life cycle
  • To promote community integration around the project
  • To inject innovative elements to elevate experiences of a green, healthy and smart journey

Sustainable Building Design Guideline

The following building types are covered:
The following eight aspects are covered:
  • Research and innovation
  • Site planning
  • Energy consumption
  • Water efficiency
  • Materials and resources management
  • Construction management
  • Community integration and smart living
  • Health and well-being

Green Property Management Guideline

The following building type is covered:
The following 11 aspects are covered:
  • Energy Management
  • Water Conservation and Wastewater Management
  • Waste Management
  • Greenery Management
  • Pollution Management
  • ndoor Air Quality Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Green Procurement Management
  • Green Event Management
  • Climate Change Management
  • Training, Promotion and Continual Improvement