Shenyang New World Prosperous Commercial Building

Project Summary

Located along the Second Ring Bridge south of the main road, this project is adjacent to the city centres of Hunnan District and Changbai Island as well as the Wulihe Golden Corridor and the commercial centres of Changbai Island and Sanhao Street, offering a graceful natural environment along the northern bank of the Hun River.

  • Office
  • (86) 24 2360 7888
  • 136 Sanhao Street, Heping District, Shenyang
  • Project Characteristics

    Adhering to the philosophy of the “W.E Happy Office”, the project provides value-added services that combine the elements of the “New World Brand”, “efficiency”, “ecology" and “enjoyment”, creating a unique business experience.
    The unit areas range from 185 to 2,000 sq. m.
    Customer Services
    24-hour property management and customised valued-added services.
    Peripheral Condition
    Shenyang New World Centre, hotel, comprehensive finance and business facilities, the northern bank of the Hun River and Shenshui Bay Park.