Jinan New World Sunshine Garden

Project Summary

This project is situated in the city centre of Jinan and is divided into east and west sections, comprising a total of 32 residential buildings.

  • Office, Residential
  • (86) 531 8716 5900
  • 669 Jingqi Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan

Project Characteristics

Total area is 234,000 sq.m., Gross Floor Area is about 500,000 sq. m.
Adhering to the design concept of “co-existence of man and nature”, this project presents a striking landscape contrast of "south low, north high", with buildings laid out methodically on the site, allowing residents to enjoy the space and tranquility.
One- to six-room, renovated units range from 60 to 250 sq. m.
15-minute drive from downtown Jinan and Jinan Railway Station, 25-minute drive from Jinan West Railway Station.