Jinan New World Centre

Project Summary

Blessed with a host of geographic advantages, this project is situated in the heart of the Huayin District, Jinan, and serves as a mixed-use commercial complex comprising offices and hotels.

  • Shopping mall/shops, Hotel, Office
  • (86) 531 8716 5900
  • 669 Jingqi Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan

Project Characteristics

Total area is 4,800 sq. m., Gross Floor Area is about 78,600 sq. m.
The epitome of simplicity and environmental friendliness, this project exists in harmony with its surroundings, featuring spacious, well-lit offices, and a hotel brilliantly designed in vintage industrial style.
15-minute drive from downtown Jinan and Jinan Railway Station, 25-minute drive from Jinan West Railway Station.

2014 Shandong Province Construction Site Safety Award

2014 Jinan Quality Structure Award